September 2014

ugh, seriously. It's not even fall yet.

So, across my feeds this morning came one of those exclusionary, intolerant "It's Merry Christmas! Not Happy Holidays!".

I already want to vomit. It's SEPTEMBER. It's not even fall and you're whining about what other people call their 'made up holiday to coincide with the beginning of winter"? Do you seriously not have better things to do with your time?


everything's a blur

I had PRK corrective vision surgery on friday. WOO! It was neat and scary at the same time. I'm 5 days into my recovery, and my vision is apparently 20/25, which is better than the average 20/45 or 20/50 that most people have at this stage. The protective lenses are out, which is excellent because they were just exactly like wearing the same contacts for 5 days. Ew.

I have a follow up in a week.