We went to Fogo de Chao last night for my birthday. We've been wanting to try one of the Brazilian churrascarias since they opened here (hot damn, I even spelled that correctly the first time!). We took the kids, too. I suspect we will never have to endure another birthday dinner at Sizzler for the sake of the young lady in our house. I think she was in heaven. "NO. THAT NEEDS TO STAY GREEN SO I CAN HAVE MORE MEAT MOM." Also, "DO NOT TURN OFF THE MEAT FAUCET."

This is my carnivore child, yes.

Things that amused me today:

One of my coworkers said "I'm going to this conference and they asked for a local contact for the childcare form. I put you down so if I die you can pick up my child."
Me: "I would prefer you did not drop dead, but I have an extra infant seat so it's covered just in case."

My coworkers have an unhealthy obsession with memes for communication.

I found a list of killer braid tutorials.

Holy crap, I think I need to actually install a wysiwyg on this thing. I've gotten JUST enough use out of the button that makes me a link magically that I am missing it. How sad is that?

I have paid pretty much zero attention to WWDC; unless a new iPhone is coming out in the fall, which I would potentially acquire to replace my current one, I am pretty much out of craps to give on that front.

Everyone who is eligible in my house to read _Skin Game_ has finished it. I picked up Urban Shaman with an intent to reread most of the series before the final Walker Papers book is due at the end of the month :D