Here I sit

Because my desire to blog outweighs my ability to actually do so. At the moment, the little guy is not sleeping even though he should be. So I'm writing a post, go me.

Since we last our intrepid adventurer, there's been a bunch of stuff.

We have a new kitchen. It's super fantastic. There's a real working dishwasher, under the counter! There's a sink with a spray nozzle. There's a fridge that makes sparkling water (that was a hell of an indulgence). The countertop looks amazing and ... There are places for everything! And you can fit multiple butts and they don't hit each other! Amusingly, we got a package from the company that made the countertop. They sent us a cheese board that matched the countertop.

I love our new kitchen.

While the kitchen was being redone, we vacated the house and went do Disneyland. We got several chances to visit with some friends while there. We also did legoland. Man, after Disney, legoland is, well, a total waste. It looks flat out shabby in comparison. There are hardly any employees to be seen. The rides are poor, or cost extra. Seriously - R couldn't go on most of the rides, and the older one found them fairly boring. The legoscapes were cool but they were definitely not a hundred bucks a person worth of cool.

C got sick during the trip. I got it on the way home, and we spent most of the next week being sick with various things.

We are starting to get back into the swing of things now. Kublacon was this past weekend and it was pretty fun, as usual. The young players room is terrific, and the staff was awesome to C. We picked up a bunch of games: a Dominion expansion (cornucopia), Star Realms, Race for the galaxy, P.e.r.k., a couple of decks for the My little pony ccg, lords of waterdeep. Maybe something else. There were many games of Wooden Wars, which C had a ball at. To the point where the guy who runs the games saw her and said "I have extra units, want to play?" has some of the units - he's clearly behind :)