All the things, all of the time

Work is work. It's busy, there's lots to do. We've got new goals and they're going to be tough to meet.

In the last week and a half I've:
Had young Miss E over for a playdate with C, because both her parents needed to do things where having her there would have been at best BORING TO DEATH for her.

Hosted the Brauer family for several days, and former co-worker Alex J. It was a real treat to hang out with all of them because the guys and I all have been coworkers (or at least worked for the same company) at one point or another, so there's plenty of opportunity to chat about history and stuff. Sarah is a terrific lady that I really like to hang out with too; and our older kids get along like peanut butter and chocolate.

We also had my brother and one of my nieces here for a couple of days. I think C doesn't know what to do with herself now that all her friends are gone again.

I've done a ton of laundry; I'm hoping to avoid doing much more until the kitchen remodel (no, these aren't really related, I just hate doing the laundry. but I like having clean underpants).

I'm at the dojo 3-4 days a week; one day a week I'm either in teacher training or if everyone else is out, I get a private lesson. I finished my short stick form, and last week I got to start working with the nunchucks. And then I jammed my finger. Ow ow ow, I need to get a set to practice with. And a short stick, because my 2 foot long spoon is not enough. I am slowly building towards finishing all the material for my belt, but I've got a physical test to worry about too, before I can make brown. My goal is to make it by the end of summer, but damn have I got to get better at pushups :(

Last friday, we did something I thought was super fun. C has been very into playing with a hula hoop down at the dojo, and I knew we'd have a BUNCH of kids at the house. So... I found a tutorial on making hoops. I bought the supplies and we made hoops! It was super cool. I think the kids really enjoyed it too. I had some electrical tape in different colors so the kids could personalize their hoops as well. I had enough to make 7 kids hoops, and I could probably make 2 or 3 adult hoops with what I have left. SO MUCH FUN.

On Saturday, we went up to south SF to see Signing time Rachel. YAY. Apparently theyv'e got another kickstarter project in the works. Because I NEED MORE KICKSTARTERS.

Current kickstarters: - 3D printed Barbie armor. SERIOUSLY. - Yellowberry; because young women should have not-shitty bras.

I'm considering - it's made goal and it ends in about a day. I'm undecided.

Also, I am tired and should go to bed. Woop woop.