Posting fails

For serious.

I've been working and kids and and and.

The short version of recent events:
Small knitting project finished. Need to ship it off, along with two other packages.

Fixed the warp on the cricket. Hopefully now the elder child will actually work on it! We came up with an idea for christmas presents she could make.

Watched the broncos win.

Finished a game I'd been sitting on for a year (screw the side quests GO FOR THE GOLD).

Made some sugar cookie pinwheels (the log is chilling, I'll probably bake it tomorrow).

Now I'm kind of between several projects! I have some socks to finish, so that'll be the go-to project.

Holy carp it's bed time. I'm not REAAAAAAAADY.

Hopefully C will feel well enough we can actually go to kung fu tomorrow.

I've been doing a lot of cooking. Earl's work schedule has been a little nuts so I have stepped up on the cooking front some.

That's not an excuse for the cookies. I just found a recipe that sounded good and made it.

Mom and I came up with an awesome idea for next year's fantasy faire. BWAHAHAHAHA. And we have all winter to work on it, so that should be cool :D