It's been a fairly good weekend here at House Entropy. We're all still alive and fed pretty well. We had three real meals in our very own house today - that might not be much to some people, but I think it's probably been close to a month since we've done that regularly.

The family room is looking really good. We still have a long to-do list. Some of it is reasonably trivial (hang the art), other stuff is less so (there's till 8-10 boxes of books to unpack.) We've got some new cabinets to STORE ALL THE THINGS. One of them will replace the folding crap collector^W table that was by the front door, and have some hooks for a few things (hats, the kids' sweaters, and backpacks) and we'll be able to put the shoes underneath. All in all, it should be much, much cleaner aesthetically than it was before.

There are new bookshelves in the family room, there's all kinds of good happiness in there. It's a much more comfortable room. I loves it, I do.

Oh, man, clean up the backyard probably isn't even on the to do list. No, it isn't uuugh.

The kids won't sleep. That gives me a sad. I would really like to sleep.

I have nothing more profound than that, nope.