April 2013

Do even more things!

Um. Let's see. I left off with rug cleaning. Because my life is SO VERY EXCITING.

Saturday mom, the kids, and I went to the San Jose Fantasy Faire. It was fun, the kids had a blast, I didn't burn (much), and neither did they. C had so much fun she went back with mom on Sunday and spent the day. Everyone loved her Little Bo Peep costume, and she did a great job with it. She even got a story going (Uncle Clay would be so proud of her!), made friends with the pirates, and many other things.

Keeping busy


Last Saturday, I tested up to Blue Belt! I feel pretty freaking awesome about that.

Earl has been very busy with his new contracting gig, and he's actually having to commute for it. It's chewing up a lot of his evenings. I'm trying to do a lot of things to 'make up' for the time he's spending.