It's 2016!

Holy shit!

There's been sickness and food and food and family and holy crap the amount of fondue has been ridiculous by SO TASTY. Also bread pudding with homemade bread you DONT EVEN KNOW.

Anyway. The holidays are officially over, and 2016 has started. I figured I should get back on a number of bandwagons. Or something.

So, last year I said "back to the martial arts oh and craft 15 minutes a day".

So I utterly failed at the getting back to martial arts. But R is old enough to start studying now and so... once neither of us is sick (cold WILL NOT GO AWAY), then I will take him down there so he can start. Because he needs focusing and burning of energy holy crap. C is being MEH about the idea, but she's also been doing the couch -> 5K program and I have allowed that as long as she's doing that program, she doesn't have to go back to studying martial arts. Once she's done with it though, BACK IN SHE GOES. She needs the exercise too.

As for the crafting? I did so much better last year! I didn't actually manage 15 minutes every single day, but I probably averaged it overall. Some days I got none, some days I did for hours (traveling and watching football will do that). I made 3 dolls, some hats, 6 or so pairs of socks, a tea cozy, and maybe a couple of other things during the year. I got partway (1/3ish?) through a shawl, and I did some other things as well.

This year no seriously I need to get back into the dojo. I'm going to keep crafting. I have a pair of socks on needles now, and I have 3 projects, 2 of which I should get done sooner rather than later. C wants new mittens, I need to do a surprise gift for a baby and C also wants a new hat 'for sleeping in'.

I also want to read more; I haven't ready very much in the last several years. Young kids will do that to you. I'm behind on my Jane Yellowrock, so I'm starting with rereading those. Goodreads is doing a reading challenge., so... why not? I can read and knit at the same time. BOOYAH.

I'm also doing the 100 pushups challenge ( Because I managed to earn a brown belt a while back and I have kinda sorta kept up with pushups, I'm not hopelessly inept, and I was able to start day 1 at rank 2. I MIGHT have been able to start at rank 3, but I figured rank 2 was probably going to be challenging enough. My arms hurt today, so I clearly wasn't wrong on that count.

After the indulgence of the holidays, I also got back on the 'exercise more, eat better food' wagon, and I did some walking and I'm watching my food intake again. I hit over 180 lbs last year, and it was causing problems; I was super uncomfortable sitting, it was affecting my breathing, and stuff like that. With some minor effort on my part, I got rid of 15 pounds, and I'm a little under the weight I was at when I got pregnant with Charlotte. I hope to get rid of 15 more this year. It's a reasonable and doable goal!

I've never been a fan of resolutions, and I don't think I'm picking up anything new and crazy here - just recommitting to things I've let slide a little (or a lot). I'm ready.