Adventures in sickness

The kids have both been sick for most of the last week. R has had a horrible cough, so bad that he sometimes throws up. Fever has been up and down. After the 3rd time his fever came back, and the pukecough, we went to the doctor.

Doc says "Yep, it's a really bad cold. Humidifier, apple juice and honey. I'll give you an antibiotic prescription but I don't think that's actually the answer, but I don't want you to have to come back down here tomorrow for a piece of paper if it turns out you do need it."

Today? After a long bout of hacking at 6 am? He seems almost back to normal.

But you know it's been a bad week when you call the preschool and the person on the phone says "oh, no" after hearing you say "hello!".

Yeah, it's been like that.