Clearly it's not my first roundup

Seeing as I keep attempting to write posts and not getting around to doing them.

So: the holidays were good. No major illnesses. Things were acquired. Children agreed to rid themselves of some other toys they don't play with (without an argument, seriously!) There's still a lot of cleaning to do, but I've done a bunch of reorganizing of things lately:

The kids' craft stuff is all reorganized. I managed to actually free up shelf space AND a bin.
A bunch of kids' lame toys went into a box (we have a ton of happy meal toys and crap that is, well, crap. They never play with it. It needs to not be in the house any more.) Something insane like 2 big plastic BINS worth of toys.
I cleaned out a bunch of the kids' clothes. R has finally outgrown all the size 2 stuff (yes, he's 4. He's small.) so that all went into a bag. I dug out a bunch of things of C's I'd kept around, and much of it is adequate size for him now, so into his drawers all of that went.
I need to clean out their toy box. They have literally not opened it in a year. It's full of stuffed animals. They pretty much play with a very small set and that set is out on their beds. The rest should go.
I cleaned some stuff out of my closet that had been in there a long time, collecting dust. And cat vomit, apparently.

And now it's a new year. Yes, I'm making some resolutions. Yes, one of them has to do with exercise, because holy shit, the scale said something utterly unacceptable to me and when I thought about it, all the signs were clearly there and I'd been ignoring them until the number stared me in the face. For what it's worth, when I get up to a certain weight, my body starts to feel *bad*. I don't like that. So:

Get my ass back into the dojo. I've been a fail at getting in there since I tested up to brown. Brown sure as shit isn't the end of the line. There isn't an end, and I can't just sit around on it. Black belts don't happen by sitting on your ass. To that end, I've made a goal of at least doing warmups (squats and pushups mostly) every day or two. But seriously, figure out something that's going to work, and get back into class.

On the non-fitness front, I've been neglecting (mostly) my crafts. There are reasonexcuses like "I am tired. I don't want to concentrate and watch tv at the same time", etc. A coworker of mine (and fellow Drupal community member and crafter), Heather James wrote a blog post on her crafting resolutions for the year. Her goals are fairly simple and straightforward. I love the idea - while my stash of STUFF is not nearly on par with many people's, I have plenty of crafting stuff. I've also been really lazy about crafting, even though I kind of want to craft. So:

I will craft for at least 15 minutes, every day. This can be pulling out the spinning wheel, knitting on a sock, whatever. But 15 minutes - heck, I didn't even make it 15 minutes yesterday because I ran out of time, but I DID fix a scarf that needed repair, and I'm going to count that as good. I've already finished a (previously started) pair of socks, and I've cast on a pair for the little guy, who want want wants mommy to make him some. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it's there to remind me "hey, grab a knitting project on your way out the door - you're not driving, you can knit!"

Other: I'm going to make a real effort to meditate for a few minutes a day, even though right now it's like 5 minutes before I lay down in bed. It's calming, it's good for me, and I feel better when I do it. I can lay down in the bed and toss and turn for 20-30 minutes, or I can meditate for 5 and if I'm lucky, I'm asleep in 20. So, it's kind of a win, if it works.

I should really try to get to bed on time, but we all know that's just doomed to failure :D