Fast update of the type updatingness

Eating my face. So much to do. 6 weeks of contract left.

Working on my green belt; I learned the last of my staff form (Se Mien Pa Fang Pang). That's halfway through the material. I have stick attacks, T'ai P'eng Sin Kun (Great bird), and 5 chin na to learn. Mondays and Saturdays I help out with the white belts, Wednesdays right now I'm often getting a brown belt all to myself. That's pretty cool. They're terrific young men that come in and help out in our class, and the (just tested!) green belts don't usually come on Wednesdays.

Pretty awesome: I spent some time last weekend getting a bin of projects together that at least C can do. she's also working on a workbook that's supposed to be for a grade above her. She gets extra points for doing that kind of stuff. We're working with her for some summer goals, where she'll earn some bigger stuff towards end of summer. R is into everything, on everything, king of the jumpy people.

House: Omg house full of crap. So much laundry. So much.. stuff. I.. I'm overwhelmed. Earl put together a meal plan that's nearly a month's worth of stuff. That's going to be pretty helpful, we've been defaulting to "ugh, what to do' and not getting dinner until 7. Not so good. Having that scheduled really will help; no decisions, we know what needs to get done.