Do even more things!

Um. Let's see. I left off with rug cleaning. Because my life is SO VERY EXCITING.

Saturday mom, the kids, and I went to the San Jose Fantasy Faire. It was fun, the kids had a blast, I didn't burn (much), and neither did they. C had so much fun she went back with mom on Sunday and spent the day. Everyone loved her Little Bo Peep costume, and she did a great job with it. She even got a story going (Uncle Clay would be so proud of her!), made friends with the pirates, and many other things.

Sunday was a day of laziness. We saw jbrauer and Leigh Ann. R may never sleep reasonably. So very tired, I. Still, C went off to school yesterday, I finished another chapter in my PHP book (regexes, go go go!), got C signed up for swim class, and went to dojo.

Today, I got some vegetable plants, and some strawberries, and some dirt and filled the planter box, and had the kids help me put stuff in it. Now I kinda want another box, because I've technically overfilled this one, but I'd like some other stuff.

In my planter box: 6 strawberries, 3 varieties of tomato (big beef, early girl, sweet 100), black zucchini, 8 ball squash, crookneck squash, ... some watermelon, a thyme, golden sage, the basil plant I got from TJ's last week. It's only a 4x4 box :D Still, everthing's got a little room, and good soil to grow in now. I'd love to put in some corn and pumpkin and a few other things, but that's just going to have to wait. Oddly, it appears that the lime tree that I thought has been dead for two years seems to have sprouted new shoots from the root ball. Something must've been alive in there, so I cut the old trunk off and protected the new one.

I picked up my cross stitching again - it's been a long time since I've worked on 8 immortals, and with my kung-fu studies, I'd been itching to pick it up again, so why not? I made some progress there, too!

Crossing my fingers on some job stuff, hoping really hard it comes through - we could sure use it.

On for Tomorrow - I've decided that since all the front planter boxes just can't support strawberries without totally dying off, I'm going to plant flowers out in the boxes out there. They were cheap (2 bucks each for a tray of 6 plants? Yes, I will, thanks). There will be snapdragons (pink), peonies (purple and white), and um. Something I'm forgetting right now but they're red and orange and flower in cone-shaped bunches. They looked cool and C likes them, so FLOWERS it will BE. Also, hopefully finishing this PHP chapter on captcha.